COVID-19 Elbow Bump

Fundraising in an Election Year Requires Strategic Planning

Fundraising in a presidential election year requires striking a delicate balance between aligning with hot-button issues and preserving an organization's mission. At VISIONALITY, we've identified patterns in donor behavior during election cycles,...

VISIONALITY’s Leap of Progress: Transitioning to a 4-Day Work Week with ‘No Meeting Friday’

As the world increasingly rejects the conventional 9-5 workdays and the grueling, 5-day workweek that often leads to burnout and stress, I have been invested in exploring a transition to a 4-day...

Get Your Emergency Readiness Plan Ready Now!

Emily recently met with Tony Briggs of American Red Cross on Building Forward and shared our Emergency Readiness Plan. Download our template to create one for your organization now.

Parental Leave Done Right

VISIONALITY's Taryn and Katie answer some questions about their own parental leave experiences and how organizations can do family leave right. Taryn Choquette is VISIONALITY’s Project Manager of Events who welcomed her...

Authentic Work Relationships 

I have had a long career working with nonprofit and higher education organizations. During the first half of my career, I was a "whippersnapper" full of determination and energy. I said yes...

The Magic of a Team in a Time of Grief

There is little that lights up Emily’s eyes more than when she talks about the benefits she can provide to her employees; VISIONALITY provides time off for voting, is a permanent remote...

Zoom User Guide

VISIONALITY has put together a quick guide for using Zoom, the cloud platform for audio and video conferencing that is widely used to replace in-person meetings.

2021 Events

Since the beginning of COVID-19, VISIONALITY has been committed to providing excellent virtual events for nonprofits - from fundraisers, to awards ceremonies, and multi-day conferences. Contact us about hosting your 2021 events virtually.