When Will It Be Enough?

By Emily / May 25, 2022

When will it be enough? When will we finally decide that children deserve to be safe in schools? That teachers deserve to come home from work. That grandparents deserve to checkout at a grocery store. That mental health is health. That safety is not the opposite of freedom. That you can’t solve gun violence with…

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Donor Stewardship: Ten Creative Minutes a Day

By Nico Gervasoni / May 24, 2022

I think often about gratitude. Or, rather, I think about gratitude, and how sometimes I lack it for the people, places, and things that add immeasurable value and joy to my life. It is too easy for me to lose sight of the blessings I’ve received in life when I’m head down in my work…

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Happy Mother’s Day to You! Yes, Even You.

By Llewellyn / April 22, 2022

This blog post is inspired by Mother’s Day. BUT IT’S NOT JUST FOR MOTHERS. This blog post is built on a foundation of deep respect for the daily norms of parenting that are nothing short of heroic. We hope to show our respect not with kudos, BUT WITH COLD, HARD FACTS. The fact is that…

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Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

By Emily / March 31, 2022

The beauty of people is that we are each delightfully unique; it makes life surprising and diverse. It also means that we each need different, unique, diverse—and sometimes even surprising—tools to show up in life and at work as are full, true, best selves. Every individual deserves to exist in the world as their most…

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The Parallels in Pay Inequality Between Soccer and the Nonprofit Sector

By Emily / March 7, 2022

By Emily & Taryn In the U.S., Equal Pay Day symbolizes how far into this year the “average median woman” must work to earn what the “average median man” earned in the previous. In other words, the “average median woman” must work until March 15, 2022 just to equal what the “average median man” earned…

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How to Add Some Dr. Dre to Your 2022 Fundraising Plan

By Kristiana / February 28, 2022

Like any regular Geriatric Millennial, I LOST MY MIND when I watched the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year. It was the music that defined the most awkward years of my life – middle school and high school – and while I was able to sing every lyric to every song that was woven into…

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Let’s Not Sugar Coat How Hard Things Are…

By Emily / February 8, 2022

Shoutout to the ones who are doing it right! We wanted to spotlight Alison Kenis, the brilliant co-owner of Sugar Lab in Ventura. Here’s why… I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Here are a whole bunch of reasons why Ali….and this email….and her business….and her desserts….are badass. First, it’s honest – she clearly explains what’s going…

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Feelin’ 22 or 2020…Too?

By Cecily / January 25, 2022

If you are anything like me (an enneagram 7, “the enthusiast”) you walked into this new year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (especially since we paid week off – thanks, Emily!), holding onto a small sliver of slightly-apprehensive hope that 2022 was finally going to be the year that things were different! That we were finally starting…

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Reflections and Predictions: Part 2

By Kristiana / December 21, 2021

In our last post, Emily and Kristiana reflected on the joys and trials of 2021, and today, they share their predictions (both for VISIONALITY and the nonprofit industry) for 2022! EMILY #WFH IS THE NORM: I don’t think we’ll be seeing successful back to office transitions anytime soon. We’re not our of COVID, and many…

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Reflections and Predictions: Part 1

By Kristiana / December 21, 2021

CEO Emily Barany, and Senior Project Manager, Kristiana Almeida recently sat down over champagne to discuss their reflections on 2021, and predictions for 2022. Today, we’ll start with Reflections on 2021. Reflections on 2021: EMILY BASICS: Nailing our basics and business fundamentals allowed us to remain stable through another crazy year! LIFE IS LONG: So…

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#GivingTuesday: Overhyped or is the FOMO Real?

By Kristiana / November 16, 2021

Very often in the fundraising world, it’s considered poor form to not absolutely gush over a major national fundraising trend. But, I’m here to tell you that I don’t think #GivingTuesday is a good strategy for the vast majority of small to medium nonprofits (especially in our area). In fact, I have already gotten into…

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10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years

By Emily / October 13, 2021

In the 10 years of running VISIONALITY, I feel like I’ve learned a lot…but also, still have so much more to learn. As we’re celebrating 10 years in October, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far. The biggest thing to learn that has always transcended time though? Be a good human.

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