Making Pivots Permanent

By Emily / July 30, 2021

Families and companies had to exist in completely new ways to survive the COVID-19 Pandemic, including all of us at VISIONALITY. However, now that I continue to hear celebrations around the prospect of “going back to normal” I’m acknowledging that normal wasn’t good for a lot of people and organizations. And maybe I don’t want…

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The health of my team IS the health of my business.

By Emily / March 24, 2021

Since the outbreak of the pandemic: 75% of people say they feel more socially isolated 67% of people report higher stress 57% are feeling greater anxiety 53% say they feel more emotionally exhausted (according to a global study of over 2,700 employees across more than 10 industries undertaken by Qualtrics and SAP during March and April 2020.)…

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Beyond Stopping AAPI Hate

By Kristiana / March 23, 2021

It starts with learning their names. Delaina Ashley Yaun, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Suncha Kim, Hyun J. Grant, Soon C. Park, and Yong A. Yue, Paul Andre Michels. These are the names of those who were murdered in Atlanta last week – most of these victims were women at work. They leave behind families and…

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Black Lives Matter

By Emily / June 3, 2020

VISIONALITY prides itself on being “politically neutral” – but this does not mean we will stay silent in all situations. This is one of them. Racism should not be seen as a political issue, because it’s a human issue. It’s an issue that is often rooted in misunderstanding, fear, and ignorance. It’s an issue around…

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This is not okay. We are not okay.

By Emily / June 2, 2020

Doggie mom and stress baker, building businesses that make the world a better place. 4 articles Follow I believed the entire orientation of my work, my life and my soul was to make the world a better place. And yet, now – with our nation in racial turmoil and pain all around me – I find…

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Pivots And Projections

By Emily / April 28, 2020

Here’s our COVID timeline: March 12 – VISIONALITY decided to stop ALL in-person meetings. March 13 – We decided to run our business for the foreseeable future on a “worst case scenario” model. What if we don’t get any new business? Loose a few clients? Our staff gets sick? I re-did our budget and projections. I discussed…

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Pivots, Decency, And Bravery

By Emily / February 17, 2020

Wow, we’ve somehow arrived at the end of a year that has been unlike anything we’ve seen before. I know I’m not underselling 2020 by saying this has been the hardest year we’ve ever experienced individually and collectively. Between the pandemic and the economic/health turmoil that’s stemmed from it, the strengthening of the Black Lives…

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