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building forward

About the Series

With more and more people working from home, we take any and all opportunities to connect and share ideas with our colleagues and partners. We discuss everything nonprofit-related from fundraising ideas to strategic planning and cap each year off with a collaborative discussion about key takeaways, new trends, and changes in the sector. Join VISIONALITY's Founder, Emily Barany, as she discusses these topics with a rotating slate of guest stars!

We promise to keep our presentations to 25 minutes or less (and as fun and sassy as we can, of course).

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Upcoming Sessions

Recent Sessions

Disaster Resiliency for Your Organization

With Tony Briggs from American Red Cross

Stepping Away is Okay: Ethical Leaves of Absence

With VISIONALITY's Katie Pearson and Nico Gervasoni

Poverty: The Underserved Elephant in the Room

With Corey Pahanish from Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

Remote Work and Our Sense of Belonging

With Tina Knight from Oxnard College

Succession Planning for All Positions

With WEV's Kathy Odell

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