Building Forward Series

building forward

About the Series

As society begins to emerge into a post-COVID world, nothing will actually go "back to normal" - sorry 'bout it! So, how do organizations proactively manage these changes, so they don't fall behind? We will be tackling new topics in a series of discussions with VISIONALITY's Founder, Emily Barany, and a rotating slate of guest stars!

And because we're all sick of Zoom meetings by now, we promise to keep our presentations to 25 minutes or less (and as fun and sassy as we can, of course).


Upcoming Sessions

Recent Sessions

9/14/2022 - Grief Living a Mission Based Life

With Guest Star Kari O'Driscoll

7/13/2022 - Latinx Empowerment in Fundraising

With Armando Zumaya, Founder of Somos El Poder.

8/3/2022 - Planning Your End of Year Campaign

With VISIONALITY's own, Nico Gervasoni

6/1/2022 - Donor Stewardship: 10 Creative Minutes a Day

With VISIONALITY's own, Nico Gervasoni.

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