VISIONALITY offers essential support by providing interim staff during leave of absences and transitions, ensuring the continuity of critical operations. We also excel in offering comprehensive hiring support, guiding organizations in recruiting and onboarding qualified professionals to fulfill their mission and goals.

Leave of Absence

Many nonprofit organizations are seeing a growing request for leaves of absences (i.e., maternity leave, a mental health recharge, or another often serious situation) requiring them navigate how to continue operating with an overtaxed team. We partner with you for a three-phase process to properly prepare prior to the leave, keep the “train on tracks” during leave, and create a smooth transition back with ongoing support as needed.

Staff Vacancy & Hiring Support

When you have a staff vacancy VISIONALITY can allow you the time to find the perfect fit for your organization. We assist by providing best practices for hiring, compensation, and job descriptions, filling the gap through the search, and creating a smooth transition with ongoing support as needed.