California Alliance of Child and Family Services (CA Alliance)

CACFS 09.04

Client Details

VISIONALITY partnered with the California Alliance of Child and Family Services (CA Alliance) to produce their 2022 and 2023 conferences in San Diego, CA.

VISIONALITY’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled experience for 450 – 550 attendees proved successful. The meticulous planning encompassed a range of crucial tasks, including the intricacies of registration, the curation and coordination of esteemed speakers for both keynotes and workshops, the seamless management of audio/visual elements, the facilitation of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), thoughtful venue consulting, and the deployment of a proficient onsite and virtual staffing team.

One of the standout features of the collaboration was our innovative approach to technology integration. VISIONALITY harnessed the power of the Webex platform (formerly Socio) to design and implement a cutting-edge conference app. This technological marvel not only enhanced the overall attendee experience but also served as a testament to our forward-thinking approach.

Services Provided