Ventura County Economic Development Association

Ventura County Economic Development Association Business Outlook Conference

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The Ventura County Economic Development Association’s (VCEDA) mission is to advocate for policies, legislation, and programs that stimulate business and a vital economy as the foundation for a vibrant quality of life in Ventura County.

VISIONALITY has collaborated with VCEDA since 2015, providing nonprofit management services for their 501(c)(6) membership organization. Services provided include membership coordination and communications.

In addition, VISIONALITY has partnered with VCEDA to plan and execute their annual Business Outlook Conference (BOC) in 2015, 2019/2020, and now, their 50th annual conference digitally in January 2021.               

“VISIONALITY allows our organization to work on items critical to mission – rather than all of the logistics – so that we can keep the organization alive.”

– Sandy Smith, VCEDA Board Member & VCEDA Policy Committee Chair

Services Provided