Reflections and Predictions: Part 2

In our last post, Emily and Kristiana reflected on the joys and trials of 2021, and today, they share their predictions (both for VISIONALITY and the nonprofit industry) for 2022!


  • #WFH IS THE NORM: I don’t think we’ll be seeing successful back to office transitions anytime soon. We’re not our of COVID, and many employers and their employees now know they don’t have to be in an office to be productive. I’ll be expanding my yoga pants selection even further.
  • THE GREAT RESIGNATION IS REAL: I don’t think this is a phase either. People have learned that life can be too long to have a crappy employer. If you remain a crappy employer, you’re going to continue to struggle to hire good people. People want real work/life balance. Give it to them
  • TRADITIONAL WORK CULTURE IS DEAD: People will be attracted to your company’s values more than they’ll be attracted to a job posting. If you rainbow wash your logo for Pride, but don’t have LGBTQ+ friendly policies, or give to political campaigns that directly fight against progress, you’re going to lose employees. And this is across the board. Employees care that your values align with theirs.
  • WAGES MUST RISE: The Nonprofit sector is going to continue to see high turnover as employees are more burned out than ever, and are realizing they’re worth more. Pay them or they will leave.
  • THE MILLENNIAL MOMENT: Geriatric Millennials are nearing their 40’s. We’re smart, we have money, we have expertise, and yea, we like avocado toast. I think we’ll see more Millennials in positions of authority, and I’m so excited to see how this transforms organizational culture.


  • MORE VIDEOS: I have absolutely LOOOOVED all the work we’re doing with ThankView this year, and we’ve seen INSANE fundraising results from using it. I think videos will continue to dominate, and most orgs don’t realize that you don’t need to have a super polished video for it to be effective. Stop aiming for perfection, just keep progressing!
  • YOUNGER EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: We’re starting to see an exodus of older leaders, and I am SO EXCITED to see what’s the next generation of leadership is going to look like! I think we will get to thriving wages, and better work life balance, because I think Millennial and Gen X leaders WANT that for themselves, therefore will want that for their teams. I’m very excited for the next 10 years.
  • WE’LL KEEP GROWING! I think VISIONALITY is on a good trajectory to continue to grow our team, and I think we’re in a good position to keep changing the way nonprofits succeed. I really think we’ve found our nice of work, and I think we’ll keep attracting really great clients! I’m so excited for this!!