Retreats & Strategy

VISIONALITY is committed to providing diverse options that empower your organization to embark on strategic initiatives and embrace the future. Whether it's a one-day retreat to kickstart innovation or a comprehensive strategic plan for a transformative journey, our offerings cater to all budgets. With VISIONALITY, every organization, regardless of size or financial capacity, can access the strategic support needed to thrive and navigate the path forward successfully.


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At VISIONALITY, our one-day retreats serve as an ideal space for refocusing and reinvigorating, whether for your staff or board. Now, we offer a wellness option in collaboration with our partner, Vino Vaquera Consulting, to infuse mindfulness into your day. Whether mapping the future with a clear head or providing healing for the staff, our retreats offer a holistic approach to rejuvenate and align your team towards success.

We will craft a pre-retreat survey to customize your agenda, facilitate the retreat day, and provide a detailed follow up report.

Strategic Planning

VISIONALITY specializes in strategic planning tailored to your organization's needs, whether you're envisioning a comprehensive 3-5 year plan or a more focused 1-2 year strategy. Our expert team will conduct stakeholder surveys, assist in setting SMART goals, facilitate engaging meetings, and meticulously craft the final strategic outcome. With VISIONALITY, your organization can navigate the strategic planning process with precision and purpose.

Organizational Development

VISIONALITY is committed to improving your organization's operations by providing essential support, including compensation advising, hiring assistance, and strategic succession planning. Our expertise is geared towards optimizing your internal structure and cultivating a vibrant organizational culture, ensuring that your succession planning aligns seamlessly with your long-term goals. With VISIONALITY, your organization can navigate these critical aspects with confidence and strategic foresight.