Fundraising in an Election Year Requires Strategic Planning

By Katie Pearson / January 31, 2024

Fundraising in a presidential election year requires striking a delicate balance between aligning with hot-button issues and preserving an organization’s mission. At VISIONALITY, we’ve identified patterns in donor behavior during election cycles, revealing the profound impact of politically debated topics on fundraising dynamics. During a presidential election, organizations tied to contentious issues like gun control,…

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Forging a DEIJ Partnership

By Llewellyn / August 29, 2022

For many years, VISIONALITY has faced a major hiring challenge: attracting talent from our local Latinx community. To exacerbate the problem, the more specified our job descriptions are to fundraising, the less likely we are to bring Latinx candidates to final-round interviews. This problem must be overcome. As nonprofit consultants who serve counties that are…

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