How to not Fall Victim to Fundraising’s “Shiny Object Syndrome”

What are the most common shiny objects we hear about?

  • Katy Perry/Royalty/Oprah
  • Text2Give
  • Go Fund Me
  • Taxes/set up improperly
  • Not tax-deductible if not set up by a c3
  • Facebook Fundraiser
  • No donor info
  • Doesn’t work if you’re under a fiscal sponsorship
  • Viral things like the Ice bucket challenge
  • Not on mission
  • You can’t “make” something viral

Things you DO need!

  • Ongoing engagement with donor and supporter community
  • TY/acknowledgment of gifts within 48 business hours
  • Clean, usable database with AT LEAST 2 people who know how to work it
  • Annual giving program THAT YOU USE
  • 100% board giving AND volunteerism